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5 tips to improve your vTiger CRM

  1. Performance starts on server
    How can something be better? Simple… it can be faster! We recommend you to set the proper PHP settings to improve your vTiger performance. This is a MUST do if you’re managing a lot of records in your CRM or it’s used by several people of your team.
    What we use to do in our installations? Easy… we use Nginx and Apache at the same time to improve performance taking advantage of each webserver main features. Besides, we install php-fpm module with the best performance settings for your vTiger installation.
  2. Less is more
    Do you use every module? Of course not… so deactivate what you don’t use! This is as easy as go to CRMSettings -> Module manager > Uncheck Module from Module List which you’re not using right now.
  3. Indexing your largest tables
    As you may already know, vTiger uses MySQL as database engine. Did you know that you can improve report performance changing your MySQL settings and setting new table indexes? You should analyze your data and how you use to find your records… this way you can add the indexes you want and let your reports fly!
  4. Privacy is a MUST
    Ok, we already now that hackers love to break CRMs to get tons of emails to bother people with their scams… Do not allow them to access your data! This is a must for every organization, you must use hard passwords. Remember, you can avoid a headache if someone try to break your CRM security… this is the first step.
    Of course, there ara a lot of ways to improve your CRM security, in eWapp we set several security measures to be sure that your server is up to date and running your web application without common breaks.
  5. Personalize your CRM
    You can use your vTiger CRM AS-IS, no problem with that… But, you can also personalize your login page and change the vTiger logo for yours. Besides, you can remove the ads in the application, because it’s anoying to see the same ads everyday.

vtiger login page

eWapp client’s vTiger login page customized

eWapp client’s vTiger login page customized


What do you think about this advices? Would you like to add something else?

Finally, do you want to get this advantages but you don’t know how to make them true? We’re here for that… contact us and let’s improve your vTiger CRM right now!

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